Who we are

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in implementation of management systems. We support our clients’ external business processes with passion and commitment. We specialize in setting up the company, human resources, consulting and import-export advisory services. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We achieve it by providing high quality and efficiency of the services provided.
We make sure that our offer is unique and adapted to the expectations of our clients – we focus on specialization and unique knowledge about difficult and niche markets. We deliver the highest quality of services in knowing the market and business reality.
We can support you with developing your team. No matter if you are based in Berlin, Paris, or Warsaw we are going to provide you with solutions you haven’t consider before. The scope of our business exceeds any territorial boundaries. We deliver the most effective and scalable HR solutions. We handle the detailed market analysis and our experience in establishing new businesses will help you reach your business goals.